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Stormraven Gaming was created in April, 2006, as a community gaming resource for Stormraven and his friends. It opened its doors, so to speak, the next month, when Stormraven announced the wiki's existence to his fellow gaming enthusiasts.


Stormraven Gaming is a wiki repository of game information relating to the role-playing game systems that Stormraven enjoys and the campaigns that he is involved in, either as a player or as gamemaster.

This website is a resource of general information useful to any players or gamemasters of the role-playing game systems described here. The information available in the various articles on this site may use House Rules (also described on the site), but otherwise game elements are not necessarily campaign-specific and may be adapted to any campaign.

Stormraven Gaming also houses a collection of player notes on campaigns current and past. Any of the players in those campaigns might add to or correct information on people, places and events within the campaign, thus giving all the players a richer and more immersive experience in their games.

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