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Hero System


Hero System is a universal role-playing game system published by Hero Games. It descends from Champions, originally published in 1981 as a comic-book-style superhero role-playing game. Currently in its 5th Edition (Revised), the system features a rigorous point-based system for purchasing abilities and equipment (though a monetary system for purchasing equipment is also available for some genres). Hero System exclusively uses cubic, "6-sided" dice (or "d6's") for all rolls.


TV Superheroes is a superheroic campaign set in a composite universe based primarily (but not exclusively) on such TV superheroes as the Bionic Man, Michael Knight and the Invisible Man. The campaign uses the 4th Edition of the Hero System rules and features characters that fit thematically with the source material and that tie into selected elements from the numerous shows that make up the game world.


Rebecca Ravenstone is a beautiful mentalist trained and for a time employed by the extraterrestrial frathm as a security agent. Now back on earth, she makes her way with confidence and style through a world no longer familiar to her.

Nesto Alvarado is an illegal alien with the power to awaken machines and computers to animal-level intelligence. His pickup truck, now a living machine, is his most constant and loyal companion.

Nate Reynolds is a semi-retired, long-term government operative and expert tracker whose mature good looks belie his long life.

Antron is Anthony Adam, son of world-famous geneticists who tinkered with him as an embryo to save him from deformities. They used ant DNA to make him hale, healthy, and whole. It also had the side-effect of giving him superpowers.

House Rules

Characters may buy Lightning Reflexes at a reduced cost of 1 point per +1 Initiative in general, or 2 points per +3 Initiative for a single action or maneuver.

The values of half dice and of +1 or -1 pip, using the Standard Effect Rule, are different from the official values.

The Adder Unobtrusive makes a Mental Power completely imperceptible to its target, for a cost of +15 Points.



The article Hero System templates is a guide to using all manner of templates designed for Hero System creations.

Using This Portal

All Hero System articles should be accessible either directly from this page or from another Hero page accessible from here. Articles accessible only through the category structure are acceptable, but additional links from here or from other Hero articles will make content easier to reach.

Articles that contain Hero System content should be categorized into Category:Hero System or its subcategories for easy collection and navigation. If a category appropriate to your article doesn't exist yet, you can create it, but make sure to follow the guidelines at Category:Hero System.

Guidelines for Submission

Please conform to the following guidelines:

  • Content submitted to this wiki should ideally be up to date with Hero System 5th Edition, Revised. This does not mean that every article needs a complete 5th-Edition-compatible write-up, but those that incorporate game mechanics should use the 5th Edition rules. Articles that use an older version of Hero System should be tagged as such.
  • All submissions to this wiki must be original material, have the author's permission, or be in the public domain. Do not copy anyone else's copyrighted material and post it here. You can base your article on copyrighted material, you can refer to it, you can link to it, you can even excerpt it under Fair Use, but you can't duplicate it.
  • Submissions to this wiki can be viewed by anyone and are subject to editing by all of the other registered members. If you're not comfortable with anyone else seeing and editing your work, then this is not the place to post it.
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