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Dungeons & Dragons

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Dungeons & Dragons is a medieval fantasy role-playing game first published in 1974 by TSR. It is widely considered to be the first role-playing game ever published and therefore to have touched off the modern role-playing game industry. Currently published by Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons is in its revised 3rd Edition (or "3.5 Edition") and uses the d20 System, which has become a widely-adapted universal game system. It features an extensive selection of fantasy creatures, a level-based class structure, a rigid magic system, and extensive use of a wide variety of polyhedron-shaped dice.


The Princes of the Universe Mark IV campaign is the latest in a series of campaigns, played over the course of a decade, which involve the players' real lives in the fate of the Realm, a magical world. Called to fight once more, the heroes must nip a rising evil in the bud, lest the world be lost. It's played by email using D&D 3.5e, with optional rules from Unearthed Arcana and other sources.

Stormraven's Eberron campaign is set in the Eberron Campaign Setting and follows the published adventure modules for that world. The party of player-characters is marginally heroic and has proved to be so effective in combat that very few "balanced" encounters challenge them any more. The game is played live and in person, every few weeks, whenever at least four of the five players are available.

The Pathway of Myrlem was a Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition game run by Stormraven, set in the world of Aervi. The player-characters started the campaign at 1st level, and Stormraven used published adventure modules, adapting them to the characters and, as it was developed, to the main campaign plot. As the characters were fleshed out, the DM began writing a script for a lengthy campaign that centered upon them, based on their histories. However, the game came to an untimely close before the script could be developed into complete scenarios.


Bru Le is a monk whose alliance is with House Deneith. He follows his internal compass of providing protection for those in need or hire, and his current mission is to track Lucan and retrieve a stolen magical sword. Bru is self-determined and diligent in his skill development of Rice Paper Walk and Wuxia. His latest attack, the 'Stinky Foot', is an addition to his arsenal of martial arts-based melee.

Tarharath is a kalashtar psion from the nation of Adar, sent to Khorvaire (and now living in Sharn) just before his parents were assassinated by the cruel Inspired. Although he intends to return one day to take up his father's role in the resistance, Tar is first seeking to strengthen himself for that task. He now operates out of Sharn with a small band of adventurers, taking on missions that allow him to exercise his growing psionic abilities.

Aralos is a sailor formerly aboard the Golden Dawn. He left the ship in Kingsport to join Hilgard on his quest to find Galenvale, hoping to discover an ancient ship design rumored to be faster than anything else on the high seas. A dashing swashbuckler, Aralos is daring in battle, hearty in celebration, and fearless with the ladies.

House Rules

Psionics and magic are different, two distinct forms of energy, accessed and controlled by different means. As such, they are not easily affected by each other. This has a variety of detailed effects on spells, powers and creatures.

A character with the feat Rice Paper Walk can safely stand on or walk across weak or flimsy surfaces; he can walk across sand, mud, debris, dusty floors, and similar surfaces without sinking or leaving footprints. A character must take Rice Paper Walk to gain access to the feat Wuxia.

A character with the feat Wuxia gains the ability to fly with poor maneuverability. He can also stand on or walk across very tenuous surfaces, solid or liquid, including open water, without sinking or leaving footprints.



The article DnD templates is a guide to using all manner of templates designed for Dungeons & Dragons creations.

Using This Portal

All Dungeons & Dragons articles should be accessible either directly from this page or from another D&D page accessible from here. Articles accessible only through the category structure are acceptable, but additional links from here or from other D&D articles will make content easier to reach.

Articles that contain Dungeons & Dragons content should be categorized into Category:Dungeons and Dragons or its subcategories for easy collection and navigation. If a category appropriate to your article doesn't exist yet, you can create it, but make sure to follow the guidelines at Category:Dungeons and Dragons.

Guidelines for Submission

Please conform to the following guidelines:

  • Content submitted to this wiki should be up to date with Dungeons & Dragons edition 3.5. This does not mean that every article needs a complete 3.5-compatible write-up, but those that incorporate game mechanics should use the 3.5 edition rules.
  • All submissions to this wiki must be original material, have the author's permission, or be in the public domain. Do not copy anyone else's copyrighted material and post it here. You can base your article on copyrighted material, you can refer to it, you can link to it, you can even excerpt it under Fair Use, but you can't duplicate it.
  • Submissions to this wiki can be viewed by anyone and are subject to editing by all of the other registered members. If you're not comfortable with anyone else seeing and editing your work, then this is not the place to post it.
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