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This is the highest-level category on this wiki. It should never be placed into another category.

Guidelines for Categories

Please conform to the following guidelines when creating and using categories.

Guidelines for new categories

  • All categories should be accessible through this category tree. Make sure to make each new category a subcategory of this master category or of a lower-level category in this tree.

Guidelines for articles

  • An article should always be placed in at least one, but possibly more than one, category.
  • An article should be placed in the most specific category(ies) possible. For example, an article about the CIA should go into the category Organizations, not the higher-level category Categories. It could even be placed into more specific categories instead, such as Government Organizations, United States Organizations, and/or Intelligence Organizations.
  • If an article contains content exclusive to a specific game system, it should be placed in that game system's category tree (i.e. Hero Government Organizations, etc.). Click "Game systems" below to see available game system subcategories.


This category has the following 5 subcategories, out of 5 total.






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